DKS MicroClik(r)



MicroClik(r) remotes come with a built in proximity chip that allows users to swipe their remote near a sensor to open common doors, gates and elevators without pressing the button. This functionality can be duplicated onto a much smaller and lightweight key blank. DKS considers the MicroClik(r) their compatibility line of remotes. These remotes are compatible with many newer vehicles that offer a built-in garage remote. This line of remotes can be identified by the grey color of the plastic body.

DKS also manufactures MicroPlus(r) which is their high security series. This series does not offer compatibility with built-in vehicles remotes. The MicroPlus(r) series can be identified by its black color outer shell.

This key is Snap And Send compatible which uses the serial number printed on the back of the key to make fully functional cloned copies. However, if the serial number has worn off, we suggest using our mail-in service.


Simply submit a photo of your key. Receive copies in as little as 1 business day after checkout.


You will receive instructions to mail your key to our office. Turnaround can be less than 2 business days.

  • Technical Specifications

Manufacture: Doorking(R) (California)
Alternative Names: Doorking 8066
Format Names: Generic 26, 30, or 31-bit Wiegand & Doorking Compatible RF
Technology: 125Khz proximity & 318MHz transmissions
Key Type: Low frequency proximity chip embedded in remote transmitter
Dimensions: #” x #” x #”
Weight: 0.# oz (#g)
Material: ABS Plastic
125Khz Antenna Size: Unknown
125Khz Antenna Geometry: Round
125Khz Modulation: Frequency-shift keying (FSK)
125Khz Interface: Wiegand
125Khz Typical Range: Less than 12 inches
125Khz Bit Length: 26 to 85 bits
125Khz Possible Combinations: Unknown
125Khz Facility Code Range: 1 to 254
125Khz Storage Capacity: Less than 1K
125Khz Encryption: None
125Khz Security: Low Security (Class A)
318Mhz Security: None (Compatible with HomeLink System)
318Mhz Typical Range: Receiver and installation dependent