Dual Chipped



Nearly identical to the Schlage 9691T, this key does not contain the manufactures logo. One of the newest and most advanced key fobs on the market. This key utilizes dual-chip technology and advanced encryption for secure data transmission.

The dual-chip design allows existing buildings to easily transition off legacy insecure 125Khz technology without completely replacing existing systems.

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  • Technical Specifications

Manufacture: Schlage (Owned by Allegion)
Alternative Names: N/A
Format Names: Mifare® Classic® 1K (4-byte UID) & H10301 (HID® Prox)
Technology: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) using both high and low frequency data transfer
Key Type: Multi-Technology “dual-chip” Contactless/Proximity Key Fob
Dimensions: 1.77″ x 1.18″ x 0.6″
Weight: #oz (#.0g)
Material: ABS Plastic

Mifare® Classic® 1K Bit Length: N/A
Mifare® Classic® 1K Possible Combinations: N/A
Mifare® Classic® 1K Facility Code Range: N/A
Mifare® Classic® 1K Storage Capacity: 1K (1024 bytes) divided into 16 sectors
Mifare® Classic® 1K Encryption: AES/3DES (up to 32 unique encryption keys)
Mifare® Classic® 1K Security: High Security (Class D)
Mifare® Classic® 1K Antenna Size: Medium
Mifare® Classic® 1K Antenna Geometry: Round
Mifare® Classic® 1K Modulation: ISO/IEC 14443 Type A
Mifare® Classic® 1K Interface: ISO/IEC 14443 Type A
Mifare® Classic® 1K Typical Range: Less than 6 inches

H10301 Bit Length: 26 to 85 bits
H10301 Possible Combinations: Over 137 billion combinations (according to manufacture)
H10301 Facility Code Range: 1 to 254
H10301 Storage Capacity: Less than 1K
H10301 Encryption: None
H10301 Security: Low Security (Class A)
H10301 Antenna Size: Medium
H10301 Antenna Geometry: Round
H10301 Modulation: Frequency-shift keying (FSK)
H10301 Interface: Wiegand
H10301 Typical Range: Less than 12 inches